Innovators that Transform: Regional and Global

Synopsis: This session showcases the products of a re-known global innovator, Microsoft, that have had the greatest impact on competitiveness, productivity and development worldwide and the regulatory obstacles that had to be overcome in promoting these tools and features regional innovators in finance, health, participatory platforms that have demonstrated the potential to transform.

Facilitator: Lorna Green, Chairman, Digital Transtec Limited

Panel: Mariana Castro, General Manager, LATAM New Markets, Microsoft Corporation Marlene Street-Forest, General Manager, Jamaica Stock Exchange Claudia Chez Abreu, Digital Communications Director, Danilo Medina 2012 Presidential Campaign David Sharpe, Director, Products and Services, Digicel Haiti Dr. Daniel Coore, Lecturer, UWI

Key Factors for Competitiveness & Innovation in the Caribbean :: Mariana Castro


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